Destiny 2 will run at 30fps on both the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

This week at E3 2017, Geoff Keighley spoke with Luke Smith, Destiny 2 director, about the game’s frame rate.

There’s been some argument regarding why this would be on forums, in comment sections and on social networks. Some suggest that Bungie and the console-makers want parity for all players. That is, they want Xbox One S players to play the same game the Xbox One X players play when they’re online. If one player has 60fps, they’d be at a competitive advantage when compared to others playing at 30fps.

Which… maybe. It’s impossible to tell without genuine inside information, but I have some trouble with that logic. First, players on the Xbox One S or regular PlayStation 4 are already at a disadvantage due to resolution. Second, the PC market sees framerate disparities across most players in any given game.

I play Overwatch at close to 200fps, for instance, while others might see it at 30fps or 40fps, depending on their rig and settings. Blizzard doesn’t stop us from playing together.

I’d put money on this notion: Sony and Microsoft want games pushing that 4K achievement over framerate. 4K sounds more “new gen” than 60fps, at least in marketing copy.

That’s just a guess, of course. What do you think?