The Destiny 2 beta for PC is live right now, up through August 31. If you haven’t played it yet and you have a PC that can handle games at all, it’s worth checking out. I dove in to see how it looked and played, checking out the story content, as well as the quickplay multiplayer the three-player strike mission. Joey Davidson and I checked out the original Destiny at launch and found it to be a great looking game with not very much to do. That changed quite a bit over the years, and I have friends who have put easily hundreds, maybe thousands of hours into the game since its release back in Fall of 2014.

When the first Destiny released, it had a few barriers keeping it from looking as good as it could have. First and foremost, this was back when developers were still making games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Destiny was among those. While it looked noticeably better on modern consoles, things like environments and encounter makeup were held back by those limited systems. The game also saw no PC release, as developer Bungie chose to focus on consoles entirely. This time, though, things are different. The old guard is dead, both consoles have souped-up versions either on the market or just months away, and perhaps most importantly, Destiny 2 is coming to PC.

My gaming PC is currently sporting a very nice GeForce GTX 1080 FTW from EVGA powering the graphics, 16GB RAM, and a pretty outdated Intel Core i5-4590S. Despite that last part, the 1080 kept the game looking absolutely stellar, and the game automatically set pretty much everything to high.

If you have a gaming PC, then that is absolutely the place to play Destiny 2 when it hits this fall, even if you have to wait a bit longer.


A lot of what made the original Destiny fun to play despite its pretty sore lack of content at launch was that it just felt great to play. Bungie knows shooters, and Destiny is no exception. In this arena, then, PC has two huge advantages – unlocked framerates and a good ol’ mouse and keyboard.

I’m not a PC elitist, by any means. I love my game consoles. I pre-ordered and Xbox One X within minutes of the pre-orders going live. But man, does Destiny 2 feel great on PC. The unlocked framerate means that that the game can move as smoothly as you want it to, and that improves everything. It’s not just the visual experience of looking at the game, but aiming and moving around feel that much better, too.

And then there’s aiming with a mouse. I’m never going to complain about playing with a controller, but taking on enemies with the precision of a mouse just felt good in the beta.

If you’re a console gamer and that’s where you plan to play it, I don’t think the experience will be lacking at all. But PC gamers, give this a look.