Nokia Lumia 900 005

Based on the details Microsoft unveiled yesterday, Windows Phone 8 looks like its going to be great, which must be even more of a frustration to the Nokia Lumia 900 users who aren't going to get it. Nokia's flagship smartphone is only two months old, and like all existing Windows Phone handsets, it's going to get left out of the Apollo upgrade.

Despite this, Nokia feels it is doing "more than enough" for Lumia 900 users, and the company will continue to recommend the smartphone to consumers knowing that they won't get the latest Windows Phone update later this year.

Nokia's Kevin Shields told The Verge:

"I definitely think it's more than enough. I think that ultimately your typical customer probably isn't all that aware of this upgrade thing.

"I definitely think with products like the Lumia 900, where a consumer walks in and buys that product they're getting great value and they're getting a great offering that's gonna have a long lifetime of innovation."

Maybe the typical customer isn't aware of "this upgrade thing." But when they find out about it later this year, and then realize their new handset isn't compatible, I don't think they're going to be too happy about it. I wouldn't be.

Of course, Nokia has announced a Windows Phone 7.8 update that adds a number of new features to the existing Windows Phone Mango platform, which should appease a fair number of users. It features a collection of new applications — such as a new camera app, a "Play To" DLNA streaming feature, and more — plus a new home screen, which all breathe new life into the device.

But would you buy a Lumia 900 now?

[via The Verge]