Aliens - Colonial Marines

So this is exactly how far a game can get on brand recognition. It's also how far a game can get when it shows demo footage and screenshots that are pretty much made up in the months leading up to launch.

Aliens: Colonial Marines felt like a betrayal, didn't it? We had a company like Gearbox going after one of the greatest science fiction franchises in history. They were set to make a stunning game that finally lived up to its title. Even better, Aliens: Colonial Marines looked like the real thing thanks to staged and falsified demos at conventions.

Yet here we are now, with a completely buggered final product. Aliens: Colonial Marines is outright terrible. It's broken in places, it sports horrific gameplay, terribly stupid AI and a storyline that's completely weak. In short, it sucks.

Despite all of that. Despite the fact that it's a bad game, and despite (and maybe because) Gearbox's decision to veil the truth with their PR cadence, Aliens: Colonial Marines has moved more than 1.3 million copies.

1.3 million copies sold is a solid figure for a good game. It's stunning that this thing hit that mark. The numbers come from Sega's recent financial report.