Many people take out their frustrations in different ways: sports, exercising, music, etc. Others, as the above video suggests, do so at the expense of unopened iPads. The video, originally uncovered on Reddit, shows what appears to be a game of catch between two Walmart employees with unopened iPad inventory. If poor handling of electronics makes you squeamish, I suggest you look away.

This may not be all-encompassing for Walmarts across the U.S., but it's enough to question whether going into the location in the video, said to be Pikeville, KY, is a good place to purchase gifts this holiday season. "This is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart," a man recording the video says. Two employees then proceed to deliberately throw still boxed-up iPads across a stockroom, with one even slamming one down. Hard. You know, for fun. Cause destroying expensive electronics while recording yourself is fun. And smart.

Walmart actually responded to the video in a statement to CNET, saying how embarrassed it is of its employees' behavior. The video merely suggests what's being tossed around are iPads — we don't explicitly see iPad boxes — so it's tough to know whether any real merchandise was damaged. Either way, their cavalier attitudes is certainly troubling, and unfortunate to witness. This might be yet another reason why to skip out on those early Black Friday deals.

[via CNET]