HTC unveiled four new smartphones during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including three new Desire-series devices, the Desire 530, the Desire 630 and the Desire 825.

The Desire 530 and the Desire 630 share the exact same industrial design, which you can see above. Literally, the two phones look so similar that HTC told us to just take pictures of one since you can’t tell them apart in person. Both devices pack 5-inch displays. You’ll find an 8MP camera and Snapdragon 210 processor on the Desire 530 and a 13MP camera and Snapdragon 400 processor on the Desire 630. Again, very entry-level here.

The Desire 825, meanwhile, sports HTC’s new “Micro Splash Design” whereby the company literally sprays the phones with paint speckles, giving each one a unique back cover. It’s the first Desire smartphone with HTC’s Sensor Hub that features always-on high-performance low power sensors for activity, gestures, elevation and more. It features a 5.5-inch 720 display, a Snapdragon 400 processor and a 13MP camera. HTC wouldn’t let us snap photos of anything but the back of the phone, since it still isn’t final hardware.

All three Desire smartphones are set to debut next month. Specific markets and pricing were not announced.