ipad 5 case design drawings 1

A case maker has shown off some design drawings that may give us some insight into how the iPad 5 will measure up physically.

Some design drawings shared with AppleInsider are said to be the reference dimensions being used by case and accessory makers to prepare for the fifth generation iPad. On the right you see the current fourth generation iPad, and on the left you have the slimmed down fifth generation.

The new iPad is said be 169.48mm wide, which is about 9 percent less than the current fourth generation. It appears a lot of this is being accomplished by thinning out the side bezels considerably while keeping the display area the same. The height of the device only takes a 1.3mm reduction which isn’t nearly as noticeable.

The other big change according to these images is the overall depth of the device dropping from 9.55mm to 7.5mm which will bring the device much more inline with the design aesthetics of the iPad mini.

There is nothing to vouch for these numbers being official, and we’ve certainly seen case manufactures be wrong before when it comes to items manufactured for Apple gear. That being said, they do appear to match up with the numerous leaked back panels we’ve seen.

With rumors of Apple holding an event on Oct. 15 to introduce the new iPads, we don’t have too long to wait to find out if these were accurate or not.

ipad 5 case design drawings 2