Demon's Souls

The PlayStation Instant Game Collection will receive a huge boost of quality later this month when Sony adds the award winning action RPG Demon's Souls to its ranks. The game will be available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers, and everyone will officially be out of excuses for not playing it yet.

Following other critically acclaimed games such as Spec Ops: The Line and Vanquish, it's hard to see how Sony can offer anything else to prove that they mean business. Demon's Souls is the cream of the crop, one of the best titles released for the PlayStation 3, and a daring statement on how Japanese games can still trump even the best of what the West has to offer.

A major sleeper hit, Demon's Souls shook the gaming industry when it released in 2009 and stole Game of the Year awards across the board from high profile titles. Most critics praised its grueling difficulty, unique online ambitions, and unsettling atmosphere. Its spiritual successor Dark Souls also enjoyed similar critical praise and was a much bigger financial success all around.

Fans shuddered in fear when publisher Atlus threatened to turn off the servers earlier last year; but, being as Atlus is one of the most supportive publishers to their fans, the servers are still up and running to this day.

Check out Demon's Souls for free later this week when the PlayStation Store updates and understand why PlayStation Plus is currently the best bargain in video games.