If you're a fan of Dark Souls and still haven't had a chance to play its spiritual predecessor, Demon's Souls, now is your chance to do so on the cheap. Atlus will be releasing the game through PSN next week for only $19.99.

Demon's Souls was the ultimate sleeper hit when it was released back in 2009. Its bone-crushing difficulty caught a lot of gamers off guard, and its interesting approach to multiplayer drew a lot of praise for its originality. Many more were surprised come game award season when it walked away with a handful of Game of the Year Awards, including from prestigious sites like GameSpot.

Many feared that Atlus would pull down the servers once its popularity began to dip, but despite announcing they would do so last May, strong fan reaction convinced them to keep the servers running to this very day.

The release on PSN will open up the gem to a slew of new fans and hopefully recharge its popularity. Newcomers will have it easy as Atlus will be resetting the world's tendencies to "Pure White," meaning enemies will be easier to kill and less frequent. Don't take that the wrong way, though. The learning curve will still take its toll.

I've played a lot of games from this console cycle, but Demon's Souls ranks among my favorites, even higher than its quality sequel, Dark Souls. It's a much tighter action experience divided into easily manageable levels. Dark Soul's sprawling world could sometimes be a bit much. Plus, I like Demon's Souls' character design a little better, too.

Fans of both, which do you like more?

If you have yet to play both, be sure to check out Demon's Souls when it hits PSN next week for $19.99. In other news, Dark Souls has also reached Greatest Hits status and will be given a $19.99 physical retail release. Both are worth the cheap asking price as two of the best games of the current generation.