Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Surface 2 - 003

In place of manuals and other outdated equipment, Delta will supply its pilots with Microsoft's new Surface 2 tablet, which the Redmond company announced just this week. The decision comes following an initiative that will equip 19,000 Delta Flight Attendants with Windows Phone handsets. Previously, Delta gave pilots permission to bring their own iPads with them on flights, but it appears the airline has instead settled on Microsoft's new tab as its official device.

"In less than two years, Delta cockpits will be paperless as we roll-out the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet running Windows 8.1 RT as our company-issued device," Delta said. The airline said an official partnership announcement between it and Microsoft is coming soon. As Surface 2 devices are issued, Delta said it wants pilots to transition over from Apple's ecosystem to Microsoft's.

Delta's decision actually stems from its Windows Phone initiative, which was rumored to later include tablets as well. According to WindowsITPro, that will now happen thanks to Microsoft's recent announcement; apparently, Nokia was originally tapped as Delta's tablet-supplier of choice, likely for its rumored Sirius device, but that changed once Microsoft announced its acquisition of the Finnish company.