Dell is rolling out a BIOS update for its XPS 13 notebook that fixes a whole bunch of pesky bugs and brings big battery life improvements. Users can look forward to as much as 14 percent more power in between charges.

The release, which comes with build number 1.2.3, is available for XPS 13 machines with the 9360 model number. Better battery life is the most exciting improvement to look forward to.

Dell says the change is most noticeable when streaming video, both from a local source and over the internet. That's because audio is now being offloaded to the digital signal processor, rather than the CPU, which obviously requires more power.

Dell has also fixed issues that caused the XPS 13 to hang at the Dell logo during startup, forced users to press the power button multiple times to turn on the machine after a "dirty" shutdown, and prevented the Thunderbolt Dock from being recognized after a cold boot.

If you have a compatible XPS 13, you can download this BIOS update immediately. Just follow the source link below to get started. Dell also recommends installing its latest audio driver.