Dell announced a 7-inch version of its Android Streak tablet in just January of this year, which Jon Rettinger got to play around with at CES 2011. Jon’s hands-on video revealed that the device was very unresponsive — despite its dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and 4G capabilities — and was lacking in build quality.

It seems unsurprising, then, that in today’s incredibly tough tablet market, the device has quietly been discontinued. Dell is yet to offer an official statement confirming its demise, but a notice on the company’s website today makes it pretty clear. Where the former Streak 7 page once stood, there is now a message that reads:

Streak 7 is no longer available online, but you can browse our other mobile devices for similar products.

Note that the message does mention its unavailability “online” only, which suggests there may still be some inventory in retail stores if you’re interested. Though this is yet to be confirmed.

Del hasn’t exactly had it easy in the tablet market, like many other manufacturers who have attempt to take on Apple’s seemingly unstoppable iPad. The Streak 7’s slightly smaller sibling, the 5-inch Streak 5, was discontinued back in August of this year.

I’d like to say that it’s a shame the Streak 7 is now longer available, but it never really made any kind of dent in the market. How do you feel about it?

[via SlashGear]