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Speaking with Reuters recently, Dell's chief commercial officer Steve Felice said that his company still believes there's room to compete with Apple in the tablet arena. Felice said that Dell has found the beta version of Microsoft's brand new Windows 8 operating system to be promising, and we're not surprised. The new OS allows users to interact with tablets just as easily as one might with Apple's iOS on an iPad, but it also offers a full desktop computing experience when needed.

"We're very encouraged by the touch capability we are seeing in the beta versions of Windows 8," Felice said. "We have a roadmap for tablets that we haven't announced yet. You'll see some announcements.. for the back half of the year. We don't think that this market is closed off in any way." Felice also said that it's possible Dell will bring more Android tablets to the market. The company's Streak products, powered by Android and released last year, largely floundered in the United States.

Felice also added that Dell can bring its expertise in security to the table — a huge requirement for the enterprise market. "On the commercial side there are a lot of concerns about security, interoperability, systems and device management, and I think Dell is in the best position to meet those," Felice explained.

[via Reuters]