If you’re big into the ultraportable scene no doubt you’ve heard of the world’s thinnest laptop, the Dell Adamo XPS.  If you were looking to pick one up, you might want to put a little kick in your step and head to your nearest Best Buy because Dell has officially removed the super slim laptop from their production lines.  It’s no longer available for purchase on Dell.com.  Instead you get this beautiful error upon checkout.


From Dell:

“It’s available in the US in select Best Buy stores and on BestBuy.com.  The Adamo XPS was always intended to be a limited edition product with a finite number of systems available.”

Perhaps if you’ve been eyeing the XPS, you may want to consider the original Dell Adamo which is still available, big booty and all.  If you’re stubborn and demand thinner, it looks like you’re left with an outdated, soon-to-be refreshed MacBook Air.  Sad face.