The manufacturing issues that nagged at the Galaxy S III might cost Samsung millions of shipments in the April-June quarter. However, due to the handset's timing to market — only the iPhone and HTC One X stand as its biggest competitors — the S III may enjoy shipments in the region of 15 million units in Q3, according to one Barclays analyst.

While the device was inspired by nature, it didn't seem to play too nice with the artificial Pebble Blue finish Samsung used. Not only were sales affected in Europe, but carriers in the U.S. had to delay delivery for some folks who pre-ordered. The problem was so pervasive that then CEO Choi Gee-sung ordered that half a million of the blue cases be thrown out. The problem was quickly fixed and the supply shortage here in America is quickly getting back to normal, Samsung said.

Samsung's road to becoming a true iPhone competitor is becoming more successful by the day. The company sold 44.5 million smartphones in Q1, and current quarter sales are expected to surpass the 50 million mark, Reuters said. With the Galaxy S III headed to five major U.S. carriers, it's only looking up for the South Korea-based company.

[via Reuters]