Insomniac ran into a little trouble when releasing the first gameplay trailer for their game Fuse, citing "legal issues" as the problem. Now that it's out there, though, the gaming public can finally see the new graphical style in motion, and sadly for Insomniac, the gameplay reveal and mature visuals have not silenced those displeased with the graphical change.

As a stand alone game, it looks OK; but, nothing too out of the ordinary or special. Four tough guy soldiers shoot things with special power guns. It's easy to spot between the lines where it once was and what it has become, but had Insomniac not released that Overstrike trailer back at E3 2011 there might not have been any controversy. Personally, I would not have given it a second thought.

I've already said my piece about the new graphics, but even after seeing them in motion, I still strongly disagree with the change from fun and charming to serious and brutal. Then again, it's not my game and its not my place to demand a change. I'll just have to find my fun somewhere else, it seems.

I know for one thing, I won't be saving this trailer to my Android any time soon.

Fuse is Insomniac Games' first multiplatform original IP. It is expected to be released in March of next year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.