It should come as a surprise to nobody following the game, but Capcom’s randomly generated dungeon-crawler deep down has been officially trademarked for a Western release.

The filing had been submitted back in July, but was only published recently on Dec. 17.

deep down

Capcom has yet to make any official announcements on the Western release of its highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, but Yoshinori Ono had mentioned that the game would head stateside “soon” after the PlayStation 4 releases on Feb/ 22 in Japan.

deep down will be a free to play game and will be a digital only game. I played it at TGS 2013 and had a decent time with it. I walked away more impressed with Dark Souls II though, the series which deep down obviously takes a few bits and pieces from.

Are you going to be playing deep down on the PlayStation 4? The severe lack of quality Japanese titles leads me to believe that this might be the best of the bunch in that department. It will be worth checking out for free for anyone.