Capcom’s newest IP deep down is a violent fantasy game in which knights do battle with orcs, dragons, and other hideous beasts of the worst kind throughout the claustrophobic subway halls and underbelly of… New York City.

Yes, I’m still wrapping my brain around Capcom’s New York City in the year 2094. The next 81 years won’t exactly have been kind to New York if this vision comes to pass, Gothic architecture and gaping mouth tunnels aren’t exactly a sign of progress for the human race. Sounds more like an idea from the days of Capcom’s NES library taken to the extreme in next-gen form.

Sony’s Japanese website has five new screenshots depicting both action and environments in this exclusive PlayStation 4 title. The Phanta Rhei engine work still looks gorgeous, especially when rendering monster character models.

Capcom has decided to play to both sides of the next-gen console war with deep down going to the PlayStation 4 and Dead Rising 3 making its way the Xbox One.

Which has you more excited? deep down is high on my priority list at TGS next week, so expect some first impressions on Thursday or Friday.