deep down (2)

While crawling through the randomly generated dungeons in Capcom’s upcoming free-to-play action RPG, deep down, you can expect to find quite a few unpleasant residents waiting to quickly end your trip. Monsters of the worst description lie in wait below the streets of ruined New York City, and one dropped guard can mean instant death.

Most frightening is the Jackie, a living treasure chest inspired by the Mimic monster from RPGs like Dark Souls and Final Fantasy. The Jackie spends his days as a normal looking treasure chest, but when an unfortunate sojourner comes along to steal the his contents within, he sprouts huge fangs that even the thickest of armor can’t repel.

Stay alert when opening boxes in deep down, or you’re likely to end up as a Jackie’s lunch.

deep down (3)

The other new monster revealed are the Pooriiz, roly poly spiked caterpillar monsters which climb on ceilings. These beasts are frightening enough to look at, but even more dangerous is when they attack in groups. Dropping in from the ceiling makes it easy for them to get behind any adventurer, and they can easily surround and destroy any prey who happens upon their nest.

The Jackie and the Pooriiz join the dragons and rat-like goblins which have already been revealed in earlier screenshots. My time with deep down at TGS 2013 also showed off huge hairy troll beasts, but they fell pretty quickly to my spear thanks to the boosted stats of the convention build.

deep down will be released for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2014. An official release in America has not yet been confirmed by Capcom, but the game was recently trademarked, lending to hopefully a pending release stateside. Capcom additionally indicated a possible release sometime after the Japanese PlayStation 4 launch on February 22nd. Keep an eye out on your PlayStation 4 marketplace.