It took a while, but Capcom finally has an E3 2014 trailer for its PlayStation 4 free-to-play action RPG, deep down. It promised to have the game ready for release shortly after the PlayStation 4 launched in Japan back in February, but I can now see why the delay happened. deep down suddenly became a gorgeous game!

I went hands on with this game at Tokyo Game Show last year, and it is barely recognizable from where Capcom had it then. Gone are the cheap and blocky dungeons, which are randomly generated each time the dungeon is entered, and gone are the stiff and goofy looking monster models. Capcom has obviously been hitting the grindstone with making deep down look like a next-gen title because the progress is phenomenal.

deep down takes place in a futuristic and destroyed New York City, but as a dungeon explorer, it is your job to dive into the minds of others and uncover the secrets of what happened. It might borrow a few story elements from Assassin's Creed, not to mention plenty of gameplay and aesthetic choices from Dark Souls, but deep down is definitely a game PlayStation 4 owners will want to keep an eye on, especially after how far it has come.

No release date has been announced yet, but I'm sure we'll be seeing this game before the end of the year. deep down will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it uses Capcom's new next-gen Panta Rhei graphics engine.