Word on the street this morning is that Apple may replace the space gray iPhone with a new color. Macotakara said that it recently dug through its sources among China suppliers and that Apple is currently planning to launch the iPhone 7 in silver, gold and “deep blue.” Space gray may not launch at all.

I’ve always wished for a different version of the iPhone, one in a more “colorful color,” if you will. Rose gold never did it for me and I haven’t wanted to spend the cash required to get it re-painted by one of the premium services. I admit, it does seem a bit unlikely of Apple to launch a single bold color like this. When it launched the iPhone 5c, for example, it launched several colorways at once – and that was for a cheaper product with a plastic back. It’s probably not cheap to build the iPhone in a deep blue like this.

Macotakara said that it’s “highly likely” the space gray iPhone will be discontinued. That’s sort of a bummer, too, especially since Apple offers space gray MacBooks and iPads. Would be hard to match this deep blue iPhone with other products, wouldn’t it?