Sites like AutoSlash, PriceGrabber and Yapta have all attempted to help people find deals on their car rentals, shopping purchases or travel by using a unique method — letting you reserve or buy on their sites, and then letting you know if a better deal has surfaced (sometimes, even automatically rebooking you, if necessary). Why? Because they know that comparison shopping can be a real pain in the neck.

Now there’s a similar idea in the world of tech. Last year, debuted a consumer gadgets research site, and it’s willing to use its data in a new daily deals service called “Got Your Back.”

Here’s how it works: Decide chooses a group of 10 daily deals products based on its research. The company is willing to bet that these are at their rock-bottom prices, and it’s willing to put its money where its mouth is. If you buy one of these devices or appliances by clicking through the site, but the price actually does fall within two weeks, the service will pay you the difference (up to $200). What’s crazy about this is that the price drops aren’t just limited to the retailer that sold you the item. If the price falls at any of its listed stores — which are thousands of eligible merchants, including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart — the buyer gets paid. And it’s real money, not a Visa gift card, store credit or some other non-negotiable monies. The cash comes by check or Paypal.

Here are more details:

  • Decide analyzes billions of product prices each day to select 10 daily Got Your Back Deals based on their record-low prices.
  • To purchase the deal, a user simply clicks the “Buy Now” button to access the independent retailer with the lowest price.
  • Once purchased, the buyer provides a copy of the purchase receipt to Decide. The company will track price movements of that product across the thousands of retailers including, Best Buy and Walmart.
  • If Decide’s prediction proves wrong and the price drops at anyparticipating retailer – not just the product seller – within two weeks, Decide will automatically alert the buyer and pay them the amount of the price drop, up to $200.
  • As proof of purchase, buyers need only submit a photo of themselves with the product, then Decide will process payment via PayPal or a check.
  • The Got Your Back daily deals will be available for up to 24 hours, or until the number of allocated “buys” for each guaranteed deal is reached.

Could you see yourself using this service? Let us know if you plan to check this out, or if you’ll stick to do-it-yourself comparison-shopping.

[via Geekwire, source]