Nokia Fake PureviewNokia got off to a good start today. It introduced a truly buzz worthy piece of tech in the Lumia 920, and the Lumia 820 wasn’t half-bad either. But in just a few short hours, the company’s integrity has been called into question, and it’s all Nokia’s fault. Shame on you, Nokia.

Look, Nokia’s inclusion of PureView in the 920 is exciting. The low-light performance will be top notch, and the fluid optical image stabilization promises to change the way smartphone videos look. Or at least we thought. Now we’re not so sure.

You know that pretty amazing demo we saw earlier today, the one with the typical indie girl and quirky boyfriend riding alongside a picturesque lakeside location? It’s fake. Or at least, it wasn’t shot using a Lumia 920.

When Nokia posted the video to its YouTube, it deceptively implied what was shown used PureView tech. “PureView The next innovation.” “The latest innovation in PureView technology.” And, “changing the way we capture the world around us.” It’s plastered all over the page without ever mentioning the images are simulated.

PureView in the 920 still may produce similar results, but we won’t know until Nokia truthfully shows the world. The company admitted on its Conversations blog that the OIS (optical image stabilization) video demonstration “was not shot using the Lumia 920.”

So what was it shot with? That’s really not important. What is important is that Nokia tried to pull a fast one on potential buyers.

[via TheVerge]