PlayStation Experience promises to deliver footage of a few big games, but others will sadly not be making the trip.

Without question, the biggest game of the show will be the unveiling of Death Stranding‘s gameplay. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima’s return to game development is huge for his namesake alone, and many are interested in seeing what he can do now that he’s free from his franchise. He will be hosting a panel to further explain the game behind his mysterious E3 2016 trailer.

However, two big Sony products from E3 2016 will not be making an appearance at the show. Sony confirmed that neither the new God of War reboot or Insomniac’s crazy Spider-Man game will be present.

Let the smaller games have a chance to shine, too

It’s kind of sad that the genre-defining Ace Combat is relegated to an afterthought nowadays, but that seems to be the case here. Ace Combat 7 will be at the show, and the entry will both bring the series into the world of VR and also help get it back on track. The series’ roots go way back to the original PlayStation days, but we’re a decade removed from when it hit its peak on the PlayStation 2.

Indie favorites of mine that I can’t wait to see are Heart Forth Alicia, Chasm, Cosmic Star Heroine, and Yooka-LayleeResident Evil 7 will be on display once again, and The Last Guardian will also slip in for one last appearance before it launches next week.

For the most part, indies are going to kick butt at the PlayStation Experience, and I can’t wait to see what comes out on top. Cosmic Star Heroine just looks absolutely insane. I need to play this now!

Cosmic Star Heroine