Hideo Kojima makes video games, but he does it at his own pace. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that someone asked the director whether his upcoming game Death Stranding would even see the light of day on PlayStation 4 when he was speaking about the game at RTX Sydney. After all, his last two full-sized console games took three years each to hit shelves after their announcement.

According to Dual Shockers, Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding is indeed headed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro – not whatever their successor is. Kojima also said he has a release date in mind for the game, and that the team is working to that schedule. As producer, director, and game designer, the budget behind the game is part of his daily affairs, which runs contrary to the vision many have of him as a distant auteur creator.

Kojima has been dropping hints

Kojima also talked about the game itself. Death Stranding is an open-world AAA-style game that will be familiar to players, but the themes of strands and connections will change the way players interact with the game, Kojima explained. The game is already running on Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine, which will also be powering this month’s release, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Kojima says this year’s work is concentrated on creating the game itself around the framework they’ve built.

Regarding those trailers, they’re built by the same staff that’s creating the game – not outsourced to a company like so many other game trailers. The team uses fan feedback from them as they work on the game. While they don’t use every bit of feedback fans offer, the reactions matter and Kojima is happy with the reactions so far. He added that the trailers have puzzle pieces hidden that tell more about the game, but that some of the pieces haven’t been found and put together quite yet. Kojima said he’s worried someone might actually put the pieces together before too much longer.

With the PlayStation 4 Pro out in late 2016 and Xbox Scorpio coming out this fall, this generation still has some life in it, but Kojima’s projection suggests something in 2018 is within the realm of possibility.