Usually, we like to come up with a pithy post that ties together all the best TechnoBuffalo deals of the past week that are just about to expire forever. Sure, we could position a package of Amazon Web Services training courses alongside a set of classes to help you become an app games developer relatively easily. But what do those deals have in common with a nifty 3-port smart car charger unit? I mean, is there really any connective tissue that ties these three divergent deals together?

You know, other than the fact that they’re all really good deals? And that they each cost $20 or less? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. Let us know if we missed any obvious angles, but until then, jump on these popular deals now before they’re gone. Amazon Web Services Certification Bundle: $19

Amazon Web Services Certification Bundle

With the Amazon Web Services Certification Bundle, now just $19 in the TechnoBuffalo Store, you’ll master the cloud computing skills you’ll need to create and build in Amazon Web Services, the e-giant’s online development arena tailored to launching and managing any web app enterprise.

In the bundle, you’ll get access to Amazon Web Services Certified Developer coursework, for creating and maintaining apps that take full advantage of all the Amazon platform features; and Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect to guide you through developing real-world apps that’ll have you ready to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect test.

Mpow 3-Port Intelligent Car Charger: $13.99

Mpow 3-Port Intelligent Car Charger

The compact, ultra-resourceful Mpow charges four USB-powered devices at once for the fastest possible charge speed available. The Mpow features exclusive X-Smart Technology, intelligently assessing each device to automatically deliver the quickest, safest charge possible to protect your valuable electronics.  This pocket-sized powerhouse is an ideal travel accessory for you, your family and your family of power-hungry devices — and it’s under $15.

‘Build 20 Games’ iOS Game Developer Bundle: $20

iOS Game Developer Bundle

Developing app games may seem simple, but there’s a lot more to designing the next Flappy Bird than you probably realize. Catch up with what you need to know with this iOS Game Developer Bundle, now just $20. Over four courses, you’ll create 20 different iOS app games in four different game genres, so whether you’re a fan of word games, shoot-em-ups or skill contests, you’ll learn the basics for crafting all your own killer game apps.