Just a quick warning: this trailer probably isn't appropriate for consumption at work or in school. Bookmark the page and check it out when you're around people less likely to explode over it.

High Moon Studios, the same developers that brought Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron to gamers, have been working on a brand new Deadpool game for the last year or so. This new trailer is the first since San Diego Comic Con of last year.

Don't let that headline above suggest that I'm either surprised or appalled by what High Moon Studios is doing with Deadpool in this game. Explosions, guns and lewd comments practically define Deadpool as a character, so this trailer would have been disheartening if it had anything else.

IGN currently has exclusive dibs on the trailer, noted by the watermark in the corner of the video. I expect more screenshots and media to trickle out whenever IGN's exclusive wears off. We'll have them as soon as that happens.

For now, how'd you like the new Deadpool trailer?