Here is one of the more heart-warming comeback stories. After being a complete disaster in X-Men, it looked like seeing Ryan Reynolds in his own Deadpool movie would never come to pass. But then some brave soul leaked test footage that was 100-percent faithful to the loud-mouthed comic character, and the rest is history.

With a release rapidly approaching (Feb 12, 2016), 20th Century Fox took the opportunity to show off an exclusive Deadpool trailer to the Comic-Con crowd, and it doesn’t disappoint. (You can see it at the source link, though I’m not sure how long it’ll last; we’re not embedding it here.)

Not only does it faithfully recreate the character, but it’s even better than we imagined. And that hard R rating the crew and staff have been promising? Just watch the trailer to see if they kept their word.

The trailer gives off some backstory on Wade Wilson, and why he decides to undergo the procedure that turns him into Deadpool in the first place. His personality and wicked sense of humor is there even before he becomes a motor-mouth death machine, but it’s amplified with his newfound abilities.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role; his comic timing is impeccable, and he has this charming and vulgar delivery that only he can pull off. There seems to be a lot of love and care going into this project, and that’s reflected in how the Comic-Con audience responded to seeing this trailer. The cast and crew apparently got a rousing standing ovation, along with demands for an encore to play it again. If that’s not acceptance, I don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, unless 20th Century Fox decides to unleash a redband trailer, it looks like this one is for Comic-Con audiences only. Not only is the trailer vulgar, but I’m sure more than one person will find it incredibly offensive. That basically personifies the Deadpool character—and it’s a big reason why he’s so popular. This isn’t your typical superhero, which is why we’re so excited.

Hopefully the studio will decide to release a trailer for everyone to see. My guess is they’ll want to let word of mouth spread to build hype. That’s what I would do. But given that this project was basically resurrected due to leaked footage, maybe the studio will let this stay up until something more official drops.

Until that happens, check out the leaked video at the source link. Apologies in advance if it gets pulled; you snooze you lose!