Deadpool is unlike any comic character put on film. Not only does he have a foul mouth—hence the “Merc With A Mouth” nickname—but he derives a morbid pleasure from violence. And in yesterday’s new NFSW Deadpool trailer, there’s violence aplenty. “I’m going to touch myself tonight” is an actual line uttered in the footage; it’s obscene, vulgar, offensive, brutal—and fans are loving every second of it.

Folks went bananas for the Deadpool trailer when it was shown off at Comic-Con, and late last night we finally got to see what all the fuss was about. Did it deliver? You bet. As hoped, the character people know and love has been (so far as we can tell) faithfully recreated onscreen, finally admonishing 20th Century Fox of Deadpool’s horrific portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Want to learn more about what this Deadpool trailer is all about? No? I’ll tell you anyway. We’ll focus mainly on the NSFW trailer, which gives us a better idea of what the character will be like when the movie comes out next year. The two trailers are mostly the same anyway—save for some wicked violence and foul language. Hope you can handle it!

We’re introduced to Ryan Reynolds’ character, Wade Wilson, right before he becomes Deadpool. Wilson is suffering from a terrible bout of cancer—in the liver, lungs, prostate and brain—to which he knows he won’t survive. And yet, he quips anyway, “All things I can live without.”

By Wilson’s side is his girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle, who is also known as Copycat, a shapeshifting mutant with ties to X-Force and the Weapon X program, which, of course, is infamous for creating Wolverine.

X-rays are shown to further hammer the point home that Wilson is pretty much screwed—those pink blobs aren’t cutesy heart emoji. We cut to a man explaining to Wilson that he can make him better, and even provide him with some “abilities most men only dream of.” Not one to pass up a golden opportunity, Wilson agrees, and asks that the man to “do right by me, so I can do right by someone else.” He’s referring to Vanessa, of course.

Wilson is shown being wheeled into a dank facility, pleading with the mysterious man that he doesn’t make his supersuit green. “Or animated,” Wilson says—an obvious jab at Reynolds’ first superhero stint as Green Lantern, which was universally panned by critics and fans.

Backing up for a second: when Wilson undergoes the procedure, he’s given advanced healing and regeneration powers, which the filmmakers have fun with later in the trailer. He also has enhanced reflexes and agility, and some super sweet martial arts moves, which makes him so deadly with those swords. Even more, the procedure makes Wilson into a different kind of crazy.

The thing about his abilities, however, is that he’s never fully cured of his cancer. Instead, his regeneration powers simply keep him alive; the cancer, meanwhile, continues to ravage his body, which gives his skin that grotesque appearance. This becomes the butt of many jokes later on, including one particularly nasty dig from Weasel (T.J. Miller).

Back to the trailer: Wilson is shown going through the procedure. Here we get a pretty solid look at the film’s villains: Angel Dust and Ajax; Ajax also has accelerated healing and an extended lifespan, while Angel Dust has a unique ability to increase her adrenaline, giving her superhuman strength for a short time. As Wilson continues to go through the procedure, Ajax tells him that his sharp sense of humor won’t survive—something Wilson almost takes as a challenge. “We’ll see about that Posh Spice.” Wilson then refers to Angel Dust as “less-angry Rosie O’Donnell,” to which he receives a swift punch to the face.

If you couldn’t tell by now what kind of character Deadpool is, just wait until the next cut.

Now in his full getup, we see Deadpool sitting on a freeway overpass while listening to Salt n’ Pepa’s “Shoop.” Aw, and he’s drawing a cute little picture of himself shooting a poor baddie in the head. “Ouchie!” the caption reads. Casual as ever, Deadpool hops off the freeway and through the open roof of an SUV, where he immediately begins fighting with the occupants, who don’t look friendly.

If this scene feels like deja vu, that’s because it is. It’s practically a shot-for-shot remake of the “leaked” footage that came out last year. Ryan Reynolds and those involved with the movie have already said that the overwhelmingly positive feedback to the footage pretty much forced 20th Century Fox to greenlight the movie. So, whoever you are, thanks for leaking the footage.

After the SUV flips, it’s surrounded by a handful of mercenaries; Deadpool sticks his hands out of one of the car’s windows, seemingly surrendering. “Wait!” he calls out. “You may be wondering, ‘Why the red suit?’ Well that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed.” Deadpool then acrobatically jumps out of the vehicle, like some graceful gymnast, and proceeds to shoot up “brown pants.”

“Daddy needs to express some rage,” Deadpool says.

DMX’s X “Gon’ Give It To Ya” kicks on, and some insane action ensues. At one point someone on a motorcycle passes by and shoot Deadpool in the arm, going clean through. He peers at the escaping motorcyclist through his gaping wound, perturbed at the slight inconvenience. It doesn’t even phase him, and it’s also a pretty cool look at the kind of regenerative powers Deadpool possesses.

After a few quick cuts of Deadpool perpetrating some heinous violence, we get a wonderful shot of Colossus, who looks pretty much identical to his comic book character. If you’re going to go all out with Deadpool, you might as well recreate all the characters as faithfully as possible. It’s unclear why Colossus is angry with Deadpool, but he’s shown giving Deadpool a nice backhand across the skull.

We also get a pretty good look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who has the gift of telepathy and limited precognition. She doesn’t speak, and we don’t get to see her powers in action, though in the Comic-Con trailer, there was a particularly funny exchange between her and Deadpool.

And if you thought the trailer couldn’t be anymore offensive, we’re introduced to Blind Al, who Deadpool inexplicably shares an apartment with. In the comics, she was a supporting character who lived with Deadpool at “The Deadhut,” which is where he stayed in San Francisco. The two eventually form an incredibly bizarre relationship, which we get a hilarious glimpse of in the red band trailer. I won’t repeat the exchange here, but needless to say it’s not something you’d say to an old lady (or something you’d hear an old lady say).

Here’s when we get a really good look at Wilson without his Deadpool costume on, and it ain’t pretty. Weasel doesn’t hold back with his digs at Wilson’s appearance: “You look like a topographical map of Utah.” “You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado.” Yeah, you get the idea. It’s clear Wilson’s deteriorating appearance will be a source of a lot of jokes, though I hope they don’t overplay it too much. We know Wilson doesn’t look pretty; let’s hope that point isn’t constantly hammered home.

Now we see Ajax in action, who is seemingly on a mission to eliminate Deadpool (and vice versa). The cut is quick, and we obviously don’t get to see the conclusion, but the two look matched beat for beat, which means Ajax will be a pretty formidable foe.

In the comics, Ajax was essentially an enforcer at the Workshop, which was part of a Hospice for failed super soldiers at the Weapon X Project; Wilson was part of this Hospice. At some point at the Hospice, Ajax is given permission to kill Wilson because of his endless taunting, but Wilson seemingly kills Ajax instead. He resurfaces much later, however, intent on exacting revenge.

We actually get a tiny glimpse of the two fighting in what looks like a burning factory, so perhaps this is the point in which Ajax is seemingly killed, only to resurface later.

And finally, the shot that made the Comic-Con crowd lose their minds, Deadpool is shown doing another acrobatic flip-twist maneuver, eliminating three baddies with one bullet. It’s a satisfying conclusion to the trailer, and sums up how obscenely violent the movie aims to be. To cap it all off, Deadpool sniffs the gunpowder residue in a moment of ecstasy, and utters a line in which I will not repeat here. But it’s shocking, and hilarious, and I can’t believe this is coming to theaters.

If indeed Deadpool is going to keep its “hard R” promise, we can expect many more scenes and lines like this. Notice how he inhales the smoke, and blows it out of his mouth when he talks; also notice how his eyes convey what little emotion Deadpool has left in that brain of his. When Deadpool and Ajax first faced off in the Hospice, Ajax actually ripped Deadpool’s heart out, but a new one regenerated immediately. However, this cost Deadpool his sanity in the process, which explains his mental state.

It’s over-the-top, vulgar and exactly the Deadpool comic fans have been waiting for. My only concern is that in their excitement to bring us a faithful Deadpool film, those involved may have gone a little overboard. The trailer is perfect, with the right amount of backstory, humor and violence. But span that over 90 minutes, and it might get a bit much. Hopefully there’s a good balance in the movie, rather than a continue onslaught of middle school humor (which, admittedly, can be funny).

Deadpool hits theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.