WARNING: The above trailer is NSFW.

That amazing, offensive and completely NSFW Deadpool trailer that was shown off at Comic-Con has been released, and it’s everything we hoped for. I can’t believe 20th Century Fox, which failed miserably when it first put Deadpool onscreen, has greenlit such a movie—the movie Deadpool deserves.

There are actually two trailers—one is NSFW, and the other is more suited to a less sensitive audience. Both are great, so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. (I’d go NSFW just to really get the best idea of what Deadpool has to offer.)

In addition to the obvious humor and vulgarity, Deadpool will also have a more serious side, giving us a glimpse at Wade Wilson and how he eventually becomes the Deadpool character; one is handsome and charming; the other is disfigured, crazy, but still charming.

There are several enjoyable moments throughout both of the trailers. One, Reynolds pokes fun at his role as Green Lantern; two, the film’s big freeway scene is a complete recreation of the leaked footage, which essentially brought the project back to life. It’s amazing to see how the project has evolved from leaked footage into an actual movie—one that’s coming out next Feb.

We have some big comic-themed movies to look forward to in 2016: Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, just to name a few. But if Deadpool delivers on that “hard R” promise (it looks like it will), then it might wind up being the movie to beat.

The tone seems right, and Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role. Don’t believe me? Watch out the NSFW trailer above. Deadpool is scheduled for a Feb. 12, 2016 release.