A few lucky outlets had the opportunity to visit the Deadpool set while the movie was still filming, and Collider in particular revealed a boatload of new information. The basic gist is that, just as the filmmakers promised, Deadpool is most definitely going to make good on its “hard R” promise, while longtime fans should expect the movie version of the Merc With a Mouth to perfectly represent the comic book character. And, yes, Deadpool is going to break the fourth wall—and even make fun of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The biggest bit of info is the reveal that Deadpool takes place in the X-Men movie universe, which means there’s a possibility he could appear in other movies, not just in a Deadpool sequel. And speaking of sequels, the filmmakers omitted a few things in the hope there will be another movie; Cable isn’t in the film, for example, but the character could show up in the future; Vanessa/Copycat (Morena Baccarin), meanwhile, won’t have powers in the first film, though we could see them if another Deadpool is made.

Regarding that “hard R” rating, Collider said Deadpool will indeed be very violent (you can see the red band trailer below as an example), but it won’t dwell on it. This won’t be your average comic book movie; you’d be hard-pressed to find gore, or even blood, in a movie from Marvel Studios. Even Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was relatively tame. That said, Deadpool won’t make violence the main focal point; rather, it’ll be the character’s deadpan humor, which fits the personality of actor Ryan Reynolds perfectly.

Collider’s notes on the movie are great, and after reading through them, it’s absolutely clear the filmmakers wanted to create a movie for the fans, especially after that test footage leaked. Below are some of the juicer notes revealed in the report.

  • While the script leaked awhile back, that didn’t stop them from still using it. However, they did make some alterations.
  • Colossus will be 7 ft. 6 inches in the film and to the actor on set is 6 ft. 8 and wore 8 inch heels to look the part on set.
  • They will not being doing the “voices in his head” like some of the later Daniel Way Deadpool comics and the Deadpool video game.
  • Deadpool was filmed with digital cameras with no plan for 3D while filming.
  • Though they wanted to keep the feel of a superhero movie, they tried to keep the moves and action of the fight sequences very grounded in reality.
  • Miller said that Colossus is the gateway drug into the rest of the X-Men universe and he plays the straight man to Deadpool.