Put on your brown pants, the Deadpool sequel is happening, and it could arrive much sooner than expected. While we already knew a sequel was on the way—with the entire creative team from the original, I might add—it’s a bit of a surprise to hear how soon a sequel might be churned out.

According to longtime Fox producer Simon Kinberg, filming is currently scheduled to take place in early 2017, followed by what I’d guess to be an early 2018 release. Considering the first Deadpool movie shouldn’t have even existed, that’s a pretty quick turnaround. Not that we should be surprised; Deadpool went on to become the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time.

Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick, the two masterminds behind the first movie’s script, are apparently putting the finishing touches on the sequel. Once that’s all wrapped the new cast will likely be finalized and then they can start moving to pre-production, location scouting, etc.

While fans will be anxious to see Ryan Reynolds back as the Merc with a Mouth, I think it’s best if we let director Tim Miller and the team take their time on the project. Expectations are going to be immense for the sequel and with Deadpool popularity at an all-time high, I’m sure Fox wants to push something out as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, the pressure doesn’t affect the final product and we get a repeat of the perfection we witnessed earlier this year.