Giving away games is the cool thing these days, and alongside companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Ubisoft, Electronic Arts has gotten into the spirit with its On the House program. The latest giveaway is a good one. Now available: Dead Space.

EA’s 2008 sci-fi space horror game is now available. Sign into EA’s Origin service, and you can grab the game for yourself. Unlike Microsoft and Sony’s services, there’s no subscription service attached to this. You can sign up for the paid Origin subscription, but it’s not a pre-requisite to get in on the horrifying fun. Once you add this to your account, it’s yours for as long as your account exists.

EA’s On the House promo started back in 2014, and Dead Space was the very first giveaway. Four years later, it’s still excellent and worth a first, second, or third playthrough. If you somehow still haven’t picked it up, you’re just about out of excuses.

Dead Space has you stepping into the shoes of questionable narrator Isaac Clarke, an engineer who goes with his crew to investigate the U.S.G. Ishimura, only to find the Planet Cracker-class vessel overrun with terrifying creatures that only resemble humans in the faintest of ways.

EA shuttered studio Visceral Games late last year, so it’s a little bittersweet to see their biggest game up for giveaway so soon, but it’s still not to be missed. EA doesn’t give end dates for On the House games, so if you’re interested, go get it.