It's easy to forget what video game heroes do from 9 to 5 when not fighting evil. How often is it alluded to anymore that Mario is in fact a plumber? Without the classic green pipes and added exposition here and there, his original trade would be lost amongst all the turtle stomping he does.

However, Visceral Games has always done a great job running the idea home that Isaac from the Dead Space series is just a simple engineer, and not some gung-ho space marine. The first two games played up his roots by giving him an arsenal of makeshift construction equipment. It was a nice touch to see traditional weapons given skins as everyday tools.

Dead Space 3 takes it one step further with the man putting that Bachelor's Degree to work by actually creating weapons he finds from spare parts scattered across his most recent hellish dungeon. With the proper resources, Isaac can combine the popular ripper blades and flame thrower into a single gun with alternate fire capabilities, or he can even combine the two weapons together and create flaming ripper blades.

Single-handed or two-handed, slow and strong blast or quick barrages from weaker clips, Visceral Games claims that the options and possibilities are endless. You can even share your creation's blueprints with a co-op partner should you create a useful piece of hardware.

Dead Space 3 will be released on February 5, 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

[via CVG]

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