Microsoft is hoping that you have a lot of “dead space” in the coming days to give a run through Dead Space 2 and on the Xbox One. Both games have been added to the backwards compatibility list and are waiting for you to jump back in with the performance boost.

For those that don’t know, the two represent the highest and lowest of the franchise in terms of reception. Dead Space 2 is universally liked by fans of the series for vastly improving the formula of the original, and Dead Space 3 is often reviled for ramming those ideas right into the ground.

I still haven’t played either, but I will say that the first Dead Space is a dark-horse selection for my favorite video games of the previous console generation. No other game in existence was able to take the ideas of Resident Evil 4 to higher places so smoothly, not even Resident Evil 5.

And if Dead Space isn’t your thing

And if you’re like Joey and Eric and can’t handle scary video games, then perhaps you wouldn’t mind playing some hunting games instead.

Honestly, those Cabela covers look scarier than anything Dead Space has to offer…