Dead Rising 2

Because the world needs another zombie movie, Capcom has licensed out its popular franchise Dead Rising to be given a live-action treatment. The big story here is that rather than be distributed through normal cinemas, it is being made specifically for Sony's Crackle video service.

Don't expect this to be a project that is skimped on talent either. The Dark Knight and Godzilla production company Legendary Pictures is attached to the project, and it will be the first project undertaken by its digital film branch, Legendary Digital Media. Director Tim Carter and Producer Tomas Harlan have also been tapped to make the film, and the two have a history in video game films, producing the overwhelmingly positively received web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Following its run on Crackle, you'll be able to pick up the film through conventional physical media or watching through Netflix and other streaming services. Crackle is a Sony property, but its app is available on the Xbox One as well as other brands of rival smart TVs. You won't be required to have a PlayStation 4 to watch the film during its initial run.

Sony snagging the rights to the film along perfectly with the franchise's flip-flopping nature. The series has generally been acquainted with the Xbox brand name after the first game debuted the power of the Xbox 360 as an early exclusive. Displaying hundreds of zombies on screen at a single time was an unprecedented achievement in 2006. Likewise, Dead Rising 3 similarly provided gamers a look into the power of the Xbox One as an early exclusive as well.

Only the middle entry, Dead Rising 2, has been released on a PlayStation platform. Now, despite being sponsored primarily by Sony, the feature length film can also be considered "multiplatform."

Dead Rising is going to be a zombie film, but certainly gamers like Carter and Harlan know that the main allure of the franchise is the crazy arsenal that can be created by tying everyday tools and objects together. What kind of wacky or violent weapons do you think will make it into the final cut?