Late last week, I had the chance to play some Dead Rising 4 while chatting with Executive Producer Bryce Cochrane. We talked about all sorts of stuff, but he specifically called out two things regarding some aesthetic stuff in game.

First, when zombie bodies drop in a room, they stay. They don’t disappear in order to ease up on the game engine. They hang around.

Even better, blood splatter sticks on Frank West in cutscenes. That’s called blood decaling. They had to “dial that back,” though.

Frank West once looked like Carrie from Carrie

Cochrane told me that Capcom Vancouver once had the blood splatters stick on West throughout the game. “We had to dial that back,” he explained. “We’d get to cutscenes, and Frank would look like he was having a Carrie moment.”

Horror flick fans out there get it. Carrie is a classic film that features one particularly bloody moment. Here’s that reference.


Right, that’s a bit much.

Dead Rising 4 will sell for the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms on December 6, 2016.

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