Oh, look, it must be the week before E3! Today we have a rumor for a beloved Capcom franchise. Dead Rising 4 has leaked ahead of Microsoft’s E3 2016 unveiling.

There are a few sources supporting this rumor. We’ve put all the leaked images in the gallery at the head of this post.

First, Redditor Codeboy01 posted the shot of some art work for Dead Rising 4. They claim they had to “make these” at their work, and they offer up that ” it’s gonna have the original character and be in a mall again.”

Then we have This Gen Gaming with a shot of the game and a loading screen likely captured standing next to a TV or display. They offer that the game is a remake of the original title with cooperative play added.

Finally, we have NeoGAF insider ekim with a tweet.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll likely know during Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Monday at 9:30am PT. Stay tuned.