Suprised Owl

If you want to play Dead Rising 3 online or check out the upcoming downloadable content packs, you’ve got a wait ahead of you. One that’ll depend on your Internet connection more than anything else.

The title update – and I’m not sure that’s even the right word for something this size – is 13GB. That’s gigabytes, capital G, capital B. As Polygon notes, that’s just over half the download size of the actual game.

The patch covers a laundry list of fixes for the game to improve stability and playability along with user interface issues, graphical glitches, and installation errors. The update also adds support for the Xbox One’s impulse triggers. One bullet point from the list, included below, is especially concerning: “Content for DLC episodes 3 and 4 added as part of this [update.]”

That brings up few important questions. The first question is whether that means the update includes full content for those two episodes, and whether it makes any sense to include the content in a patch when users might never buy it. The other big question: is the content for the first two episodes already on our hard drives?

Microsoft hasn’t responded to requests for clarification, but there’s no doubt that 13GB is moving beyond the acceptable size for a mandatory download. Another size comparison would be to Need for Speed: Rivals, for which the entire download is 15GB. Dead Rising 3‘s patch is nearly 90 percent of Need for Speed. Does Microsoft have a limit for acceptable patch sizes? With customers all over the nation as well as in other countries subject to data transfer caps, enforcing a download of this size is going to prove difficult for the company. I suspect many users are going to just delete the game instead of downloading the patch.

Here’s the full list of fixes:

  • Content for DLC episodes 3 and 4 added as part of this CU.
  • Various stability fixes.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Online stability improvements.
  • Added a progress bar to main menu while installer is running.
  • Fixed an issue which could allow the user to overwrite their save file during streaming install while the game is booted.
  • Fix for missing English VUI command in multiplayer menu.
  • Some improvements to item pickups.
  • Fixed a reproducible issue where the player could get out of the world.
  • Fixed an issue where music wasn’t present during the streaming install.
  • Fixed some mission scripting issues.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause some co-op players to not progress blueprint collection achievements correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI was not updating properly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused glass textures to appear low-res.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause shadows to render incorrectly.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the Golden SledgeSaw weapon.
  • SmartGlass stability fix.