Dead Rising 3 was one of the Xbox One’s marquis exclusives at the console’s launch, but now that a year is going by, it has already lived out its need to be an exclusive. After a fun little leak yesterday in which Capcom’s zombie killing sandbox game has turned up in Steam’s database, the Japanese game publisher came out and confirmed that Dead Rising 3 will indeed be getting a PC release.

In its press release, Capcom lists Dead Rising 3 for PC as one of the games that will be highlighting its E3 line-up. Expect more information in regards to release date and specs next week during the show.

As for the leak, it’s still old news, but it’s still pretty entertaining. Don’t look for the information now, because you won’t find it. The listing now reads “SteamDB Unknown App 265550,” but as we all know, the Internet never forgets. The gurus over at All Games Beta managed to snatch up a photo and enshrine it forever in cyberspace before the change occurred.

Originally, the title for the app in the database was “Walking,” not too subtle for a zombie game, but the main problem of the listing was the logo on the right hand corner which all but gave  it away.

Now that Capcom confirmed the game, a PC release makes a lot of sense. For one thing, Capcom’s PC support has improved exponentially from ten years ago, and the company has spoken of an interest in supporting the platform more. I mean, who wouldn’t? The PC space is a booming market.

Low and behold, the previous game in the series, Dead Rising 2, was also developed by the same Western studio, and the team had no problem porting it to Steam. It found a cozy reception among PC gamers, and it always seems to do well during Steam Sales.

I don’t own an Xbox One yet, but if I was ever going to, Dead Rising 3 was going to be one of the first games I picked up for it thanks to exclusivity. Now, I’m going to hold off on that purchase and see if my gaming PC can play it when Capcom releases it this summer.

Other games confirmed by Capcom to be at E3 are Monster Hunter Freedom UnitePhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney TrilogyUltra Street Fighter IV, and  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. No word yet on a surprise showing from Resident Evil 7, but the murmurs have’t stopped yet.