When I picked up Dead Island at my local gaming store, it was 11:30 AM on the game's launch day. The clerk told me there were only three copies left, and that folks had been asking for it all morning. In fact, while I was waiting for him to ring me up, four people came in and seeking the game, too. Suffice it to say, one gamer walked away rather disappointed.

And that same story likely repeats all over the U.S. A buddy of mine lives just outside of Washington D.C.; he went to six stores before he finally landed his copy of the game. It's been selling that well, and for publisher Deep Silver, this must be incredible.

Despite its blundered Steam release, reported bugs and unwieldy multiplayer server capacities, Dead Island has absolutely dominated in the sales arena. Deep Silver put out a press release announcing that they have shipped more than 1,000,000 copies of the game to North American retailers. Dead Island has earned the #1 spot in some sales markets in Europe, and Deep Silver indicated that the game could reach 2 million units sold by the end of this week.

Distribution partner Square Enix's President and CEO, Mike Fischer, joked about the game's success:

"With more than a million copies sold, I feel good knowing that the world is now more prepared than ever for what to do should a real zombie invasion ever threaten humanity."

The game has its flaws, sure, but Dead Island has reared up as a fun experience on very basic levels. There's RPG elements, tons of gore, strong combat, solid graphics and an endless stream of weapons and upgrades. It's a bit light on the emotion it once promised to bring to the gaming community with a trailer released earlier this year, but it makes up for that fault by going above and beyond in the areas I just mentioned.

If you like zombie games, multiplayer experiences or wonder what would happen to a resort island during a zombie invasion, give Dead Island a go.