The ever-going drama behind Deep Silver’s upcoming zombie shooter Dead Island 2 continues with the mysterious disappearance of its Steam page. As picked up by NeoGAF, the game simply isn’t there anymore and all relevant tags have since been removed as well.

Naturally, given the behind-the-scenes circumstances, this led a good many fans to believe that the game has been canceled once and for all. However, I’m not going to count the game as completely down and out yet.

When we last checked in with Dead Island 2, Deep Silver announced that Sumo Digital had stepped up to continue development where former developer Yager Entertainment had left off. Chances are that the game is still in development after the shift was made, and Deep Silver just wants to relaunch the Steam page with a possible new look. Given that we are only two weeks away from E3 2016, it seems very likely the new page will go up with the re-reveal.

Of course, it is equally possible that Sumo Digital was not able to make the game Deep Silver wanted, and the publisher is just cutting its losses at this point. If the game is not at E3 2016, expect cancelation news. Until then, the game is still on life support.

Dead Island 2 was originally announced at E3 2014 and was slated for a release in Spring 2015. Obviously, that did not happen, and we find ourselves still waiting.