Production for James Wan's Swamp Thing TV series has reportedly been cut early. The show was expected to complete a 13 episode season, but production has stopped a few episodes short of that mark.

According to The Wrap, Swamp Thing's first season will be 10 episodes instead of the previously expected 13. The call to shorten the season was reportedly made due to creative decisions.

Worryingly, a separate report claims that Warner Bros. cut Swamp Thing's season short in the midst of a crisis over the future of DC's streaming service, which will have to compete against Disney+ later this year.

Swap Thing will focus on Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), who befriends a scientist named Alec Holland (Andy Bean) as she attempts to uncover the mystery of a deadly swamp-borne virus in Houma, Louisiana.

With reports about the show's episode count swirling, a teaser video was released, giving fans a first look at the titular monster.