If you don't know the name Ava DuVernay now, consider this an introduction. The director is currently in the spotlight for her work on Disney's A Wrinkle in Time, and a new report claims she's been chosen to direct DC's New Gods movie.

According to Variety, DuVernay is being tasked with creating a new universe of properties for Warner Bros., using Jack Kirby's series as the source material.

Originally created in 1971, New Gods are natives of the twin planets New Genesis and Apokolips; New Genesis is an idyllic paradise filled with beauty; Apokolips, meanwhile, is a ruined dystopia ruled by Darkseid, who has only thus far been hinted at in the DC Expanded Universe.

By exploring the New Gods universe, DC is taking a big risk by navigating worlds outside of Earth, where we've seen Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman battle it out against Steppenwolf. How New Gods will be tied—if at all—to the Earth-based chaos remains unclear. It's very likely we'll simply see a conflict between New Genesis and Apokolips unfold.

Before New Gods takes shape, the DCEU has a handful of other films in the pipeline, including Aquaman in December and a sequel to Wonder Woman, along with the possibility of solo movies for Batman and the Flash.

Considering DC has struggled to gain the admiration that Marvel has enjoyed on the big screen, pivoting to a series like New Gods is going to be a difficult proposition.