While we’ve had something like ten different movies starring the Dark Knight himself, it’s usually been a solo affair. The other part of the Dynamic Duo, Robin, has suited up only for a minority of those outings. It’s with that in mind, then that we’re super stoked to see what he looks like for DC’s upcoming Titans show. The comic company has released the first image, and things are definitely moving in the right direction.

It’s just that one image, but it’s encouraging. It looks exactly like we’d hope a live-action Robin would look like. We should expect that at this point, after piles of very watchable superhero movies and shows, but I still remember the Joel Schumacher era of Batman, and the 1990s Fox TV incarnations of the X-Men and Nick Fury. I remember the original Captain America movie. The scars haven’t healed.

But Robin looks good, and that’s thanks in large part to costume designer Laura Jean Shannon who, as GameSpot notes, worked on both 2008’s Iron Man and the upcoming CW show Black Lightning, along with a host of other movies over the last couple decades. This photo manages to bring in the green, red, and yellow elements of the character’s costume even though it’s cast very dark and clearly meant to be a teaser. He’s even sporting the bo staff we so often see him wielding in stories like the original Teen Titans cartoon or the game Batman: Arkham Knight.

Titans is set to debut in 2018, and will be the flagship show for DC’s streaming service set to debut next year. DC TV stalwarts like DC Comics president Geoff Johns and CW prodcer Greg Berlanti are involved on the production side. Actor Brenton Thwaites is playing Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beaest Boy, Hawk, and Dove have been cast for the show as well.

Thwaites will be playing the Dick Grayson incarnation of Robin (almost certainly a different one from the Dick Grayson that will show up in the announced Nightwing movie), and will, according to the official synopsis, “become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes including Starfire, Raven, and many others. Titans is a dramatic, live-action adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most popular comic-book teams ever.”

The streaming service only has three shows announced, doesn’t have a name just yet. With only a Young Justice continuation and a Harley Quinn cartoon currently planned, Titans will have a lot of weight on it as DC attempts to get its service off the ground and to get audiences to tune in. Neither Titans nor the network have a date we can set our calendars by just yet.