Life goes by awfully fast.  And the more time goes by, I often wonder about some strange things, like how many Diet Pepsis I have consumed or how many ballgames I’ve watched. I know this is a pretty odd thought process, but you can’t tell me you haven’t had these thoughts before. The problem is that there is no real user friendly way to track these things with any consistency. Yes you can jot them down in a notepad, or make tick marks on a calendar, but those are just simple numbers with no ability to analyze trends.

I have recently stumbled across a free application in the iTunes App store that does just this and will display the data in some eye pleasing graphs. The app is a creation from the company of visualization specialist Nicholas Felton, who may be best know for his visually appealing Annual Reports. Daytum, was released on New Years Eve and can be used to track all sorts of minute details of our lives one category at a time. The app will then relay that data back to the user in charts and averages, and is fully integrated with Daytum’s website that offers much of the same. The app can be used in conjunction with the website or stand alone, but if you are an existing web user, fear not, the app will import all your past data.

Honestly, I don’t know how I am going to constructively use the information that Daytum spits out about how many glasses of water I dink or how many times I go to the supermarket in a month, but it will be interesting data at the very least. Who knows maybe I will have some epiphany after analyzing the data and better my life in a way I had not considered in the past.

I’m curious TechnoBuffalo readers, what minute details of your life would you track? How would you use this data to make you day to day tasks more efficient?