Oh my, the retro gaming nerd inside of me just skipped a heartbeat. Someone help me find my jaw! SEGA is here to save us all from the domination of driving simulators on the video game market by giving us a true arcade experience. A new GIF file put out by SEGA teases the upcoming release of a third Daytona USA racing game, the first we’ve seen from the series since 1998.

Uh oh! You know what this means…

Please SEGA, let that man compose all of the musical tracks for this game. The timing couldn’t be any better because I just wrote about him!

Arcade racers are due for a comeback

I’ve got respect for driving simulator franchises like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, but they’ve never really been for me. I’ve always enjoyed the unrealistic, high-octane action of arcade racers. Ridge RacerDaytona USABurnout, and SEGA’s original racer, Out Run: being behind the wheel always feels better when you don’t have to worry about realism.

SEGA’s reveal is just a tease, but I’ll be scouting the Internet every day until the official confirmation comes. If the arcade is a success, I’m hoping and praying we get a solid home console port. In the meantime, the original is just $9.99 on the PlayStation Store.

A new Daytona USA should put Bandai Namco and EA on the clock. We need simplistic racers like Ridge Racer to make a comeback.