Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer for post-apocalyptic thriller Days Gone, giving us a detailed—and graphic—look at what it’s calling the Farewell Wilderness.

Essentially the Pacific Northwest, the Farewell Wilderness is a catchall for Days Gone’s deadly world, which is made up of different biomes filled with marauders, freakers, and all types of hungry animals. In other words, not all that different than it is now.

“During the pandemic that killed the world, tens of thousands of survivors fled into the wilderness not realizing that it was no safer than the homes, cabins, truck stops, saw mills and small towns they left behind,” a post on Sony’s official PlayStation Blog reads.

It’s this open world where players will encounter all types of threats, including hordes of freakers—something we got a great look at in the game’s debut trailer a few years ago.

TechnoBuffalo got to play a prototype version of Days Gone last year and found the game to be a blend of Sons of Anarchy meets The Walking Dead. It showed promise, but months ahead of its release, the game felt rough around the edges. The latest video showcases a more polished final product.

Days Gone will be released for PlayStation 4 on April 26, 2019. (And, yes, that’s the same day Avengers: Endgame hits theaters.)