We’re using more mobile data than ever before. Apps have been demanding, needing access to large images and videos in the blink of an eye. But not everyone is on an unlimited plan to just go about things easily. Some people need to be mindful of how much data they’re using in order to avoid being throttled by their carrier. Fortunately for them, Google just introduced a new app called Datally that aides in saving mobile data.

The app does exactly what you expect. Datally helps you monitor, save, and gain control of your data. It’s a simple app that tracks and controls app data usage. So, if you see a particular app consuming a lot of data, you can put a stop to it early on.

Android devices have long been able to monitor data usage, but Datally goes further. The app actually gives you real-time information of what apps are using data and how much they’re using. Then there’s an easy toggle for every app on your phone to block data from going to a specific app.

Over time, the app will gain enough information to display valuable insights. Datally can show usage history, trends, and per-app usage. It’ll also provide usage highlights, tips to save data, and an opportunity to rate WiFi networks. And, for Wi-Fi networks, Datally alerts you when there’s a nearby connection to latch onto. That, of course, completely stops you from using mobile data.

Google is already working on two new features including balance checking and proactive data usage warnings.

Datally’s been live in the Philippines for testing, and Google says “people are saving up to 30 percent on their data.” It’s that type of success leading to the app’s global release. If you own an Android device on Lollipop or higher, you can start using Datally.

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