Android and iOS App Crashes Data

A new study from mobile app monitoring company Crittercism reveals that iOS apps crash more frequently than those running on Android. The data, which was collected from December 1 – December 15, was compiled from 23 different versions of iOS and 33 different versions of Android. The worst offender? iOS 5.01, chalking up 28.64 percent of overall crashes.

Forbes notes: “One of the reasons for app crashes is the proliferation of mobile operating systems on iOS and Android.” Seeing as Apple only recently made iOS 5 available, it would make sense that the latest version is the main culprit when it comes to app crashes. That’s not to say older version of iOS aren’t guilty: iOS 4.2.10 apps crashed 12.64 percent, iOS 4.3.3 apps crashed 10.66 percent and iOS 4.1 apps crashed 8.24 percent of the time.

As of now, Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t as widely available as iOS 5, therefore, when it does reach more handsets, Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy expects “the same situation to occur (with Android) as what happened (with iOS).”

It’s worth noting that Google allows Android developers to push out updates much quicker than Apple. Android code shows up almost in real-time when developers push it out, meaning less crashes because the apps are up-to-date. With iOS, it can take much longer for an update to arrive, meaning more crashes in the interim. Basically, Android developers can almost instantly fix bugs, while it could take longer for iOS developers.

Because smartphones are so widely available, the accessibility to apps has gone up incredibly. Crittercism provides this data because “more and more business-critical functions are moving to apps.” The company said it is currently in the process of signing up large customers to its platform to help address app crashes, which, for consumers, means less annoying app crashes.

[via Forbes]